Crashes and Flashes

Prompt:  Snow scene – use vivid imagery to describe

     Genevieve pulled into a parking space, skidding to a stop on the fresh ice.  She gatherd her things before stepping out of the warm Mercedes, because she knew once she was on the pavement, she would be slipping and slidding all the way to the pond.  She pulled her wildly frizzy blond hair into a knit hat and pushed her A-frame glasses higher up her nose.  Finally, she picked up her camera gingerly, careful not to touch any of the perfectly selected setting or knobs.  As she opened the door, a burst of fridged air blasts her in the face.  In the distance, she heard the CRASH of an icy tree as it shattered to the ground.  She gazed out at the scene in front of her, this alone could sell for a handsome price.
The iced over lake glimmered as the sun touched it’s surface.  The frozen trees surrounding it stood still despite the harsh wind.  Genevieve slid over the icy pavement towards the white blanket of snow, knowing this would give her a better picture.  She snapped a picture of the full scene before getting down to the nitty-gritty.  Adjusting the closeness dial, she zoomed in so she could get a good shot of the ice crystals in the snow that could only be seen through a microscope.  As she made her way onto the frozen rim of the lake, she stepped more carefully, avoiding what happened a few years ago when one wrong footstep sent her plunging into the lake.  Despite her caution, she slipped, her feet going in all different directions sending her skating around the ice before landing sprawled on her back.
Genevieve froze as the lake shuddered beneath her and stayed there for another minute even though she felt the icy tendrils creeping through her coat.  She finally got up when she was sure the lake was not going to implode and was met with a happy surprise.  Light snow flakes were drifting down from the gray clouds.  Snow was golden for photographers.  She spent the rest of the day fliming the flurries from all angles and left the winter wonderland in high spirits despite the low temperature.
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