A New Beginning

Prompt: Show what it takes to start all over again.

Will paced the stained beige carpet.  I should wash this thing, he thought.  I should clean this whole house, that will show her I care.  He glances towards the old land line he never used contemplating calling her.  No, you should just forget the whole thing, his brain whispered.  Who is she anyway?  Just some pretty girl who caught your eye.  It’s over now, like all your other relationships.  It persisted.  Will shrugged.  He was right, what’s so special about her?

When he plopped down on the canvas couch, a cloud of dust arose from the scratchy seats making him cough heavily.  Convinced he was doing the right thing he turned on the rusty old box that was supposed to pass for a TV, but the noise just droned on in the background unnoticed.   His mind was already elsewhere.  Selena Walush.  Her angular face came into his mind, the chocolate-brown eyes, soft, but demanding attention.  The full lips that curved inward as she spoke with a confident voice.  He wasn’t sure what was so alluring about her, he had dated many prettier girls.  But the way she carried herself, so sure and seeming like nothing could stand in her way.

It was like she didn’t need a man, just wanted to try a new experience.  Which was exactly Will’s personality, jumping from girl to girl like stepping-stones.  Until he met her, it was like all those stones were just leading him to an island with buried treasure.  And just when he had landed on that island, he stupidly jumped off in the cold water again.

He pictured the disaster scene in his mind.  It started out fine, chatting about their jobs and families, small talk.  but after one drink too many it took a turn for the worst.  It was like when the sun set he turned into a werewolf, rowdy, temperamental and just down right rude.  At first Selena raised her eyebrows, but her expression went from polite to offended to very disgusted.  That was a new reaction for Will, usually the girls just laughed drunkenly along with him or he would get over the stick-in-the-mud girl and convince himself she wasn’t anything special.  And usually they weren’t.

Suddenly he knew what he had to do.   Jumping off the sofa he sprinted to the phone before he could convince himself otherwise.  He punched in her number that he had memorized in the process of arguing with himself.  As the beeps echoed into his ears, he knew that was the right thing to do, the start of a new beginning.


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