Prompt: The symptom, develop a narrative based on this word.

Hatred, the feeling boils up in you.  Slowly churning at your stomach until you reach your breaking point, until you explode.  That’s what you feel when your friend goes out with the cute new guy just to get back at you; when you’ve gotten your final report card and see it is a D, and you know the teacher had it out for you since the beginning.

I guess I should’ve seen this coming, a friend is the last thing I was to Brook.  I get kind of caught up in the glory once the spotlights on me.  Probably talking to her like that wasn’t right, and hitting on Lucas just to cause steam to blow out of her ears was going too far.  But did I deserve this?  No.  I would get her back for this.  The prank I pulled on her step brother was harmless, just some fun, she didn’t have to blow her top and rat me out to the police.

I mean really.  Maybe it was kind of serious that hospital with 4 broken fingers, but that was his fault entirely.  He didn’t have to attack me and cause me to hit him with that wrench.  What was I supposed to do? Stand there and let him tear me to pieces?

Anyway, that prank was golden, how could Brook back out of it?  Being in this dank waiting cell has given me some time to think ,and I am guessing she has a thing for him.  Ga-ross!  Her own ‘kind-of’ relative?  But that is not important right now, what I have to think about is how to stop this feeling I have.

The non-stop twisting of my gut has me groaning for revenge, and the other symptoms are worse.  A scream inside of me builds up until I rattle the iron bars of this cage, bellowing all the foul things I know.  Anger inside of me leaves my body rattled with rage as it tries to find a way out.  And the worst is when I just sit curled in a ball shaking with tears as they stream down my face.  I never feel remorse, I never really feel anything at all.  But right now, at this moment, I feel something stronger than a triple whipped choco mocha.



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