Friends of the Fog

Prompt: Fog

In San Francisco the small strip of stores and shops across the shore of the Pacific Ocean was a hot-spot for international tourists.  European business men taking a break from their stiff chairs and gray computers to take a swim in the cold, sparkling blue sea, and Asian bikini clad interns with large Gucci sunglasses starting volleyball matches.  Things have changed after the freak fog front.  No one traveled to that part of the coast.  No point in swimming if you can’t see your arms paddling through the cool blue water, not knowing if some fish is gliding right below you or if you are going to bump into another blind swimmer.

The sea-shore has been barren, uninhabited these last few weeks, except for two kids.  The children lay on the beach now, looking up at the fog infested sky, night was falling and the most beautiful sunset adorned the misshapen sky.  Even through the fog you could see the hues of light orange and magnificent yellow, painted across the heavy canvas of sky.  The chocolate skinned boy looked at the sky in amazement as he did every night.  He had been in America for two weeks now far from in the diamond mines of South Africa, where his eyes were to accustomed to dark and choking soot.  He could not fully absorb the beauty scrawled against the heavens.

The little white girl watched, not the sky, but the boy, his eyes widened in amazement as the colors exploded slowly above them.  She had seen this sunset everyday since she was a baby and the boy’s reaction to the scene fascinated her even more.   He also seemed excited about the fog, jumping and prancing through it and grasping out with his fingers to try to grab it.

It seemed to him that the world was perfect that there was no poverty or slavery, he should know better, he was there himself.  But the girl never interrupted his dreaming and happiness, only laughed as he kicked up the sand and choked on the grains.  If he was happy, so was she.  As the light faded, they walked hand in hand disappearing into the fog.

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