Why I Like Fantasy

My favorite books are all fantasy, ranging from the magical twist of twilight to the full on new world of Eragon.  There are many reasons why I love it, but to narrow it down to my choice few, they are…

1.  My life is no adventure, actually it’s quite boring.  When I read fantasy, I transport to a whole new world where nothing is real or believable, the way I like it.  I like not being able to relate to my books, not being able to say “that brings back old memories of when I traveled through middle earth with Thorin and Gandalf.”

It’s fine that I don’t think, ” HaHa, I reacted just like that when I fought my first dragon!”  Because even though I haven’t done these things and can’t relate like I might be able to in other books, I don’t care.  I feel like I’m there doing those things with the character, I feel like I’m watching Cedric Digory die through Harry’s eyes or skipping down the yellow brick road wearing Dorothy’s ruby slippers.

I still get all the emotion, sometimes even in a stronger form than if I had done it myself.

2.  The fact that nothing in these fantasy books is something I’ve done makes me enjoy them more.  In other books, I tend to skip over words because I know how it feels to sit in a cafeteria in school or go to the mall for a new outfit.  But since I don’t know what it’s like to fight a goblin or sit in the presence of a king, I tend to hang onto every word, not wanting to miss a detail.

There really is no way to fully describe the joy I get when I pick up a fantasy book, even if I’ve read it 4,000 times, but I’ve done the best I can.  Another genre just won’t do it for me anymore.  While I still enjoy realistic fiction and Sci Fi, my heart will always be in Forks, Hogwarts, half-Blood Hill, Capricorn’s Village, The Emerald City, Farten-Dur, Middle Earth,  and the thousands I have forgotten to name or have yet to visit.

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