Love is a Battlefield

Prompt: The setting for your narrative is a battleground.

Hypnotic lights flash orange, red, green and blue, their neon hue blinding in the darkness.  Jack Douglas clenched his teeth and rolled to cover under a stone overhang.  He heard movement behind him and tightened his grip on the trigger as he spun around. “Bro chill, it’s just me!” Chaz Shapiro took cover under the structure next to Jack, his bright blue vest symbolizing he was on Jack’s team, an ally.  Jack opened his mouth to say something, but Chaz beat him to it by yelling, “Duck!” and Jack dropped to the floor quickly, his gun slammed into his chin.  He heard Chaz’s gun fire with the artificial “spew” sound and peeked behind him to see an orange-vested boy get shot.  “Dude, so not fair!” Alex, the enemy, wailed to Chaz as his vest lights went out, symbolizing his turn was over, he had died.

“Sorry dude, but blue’s gonna’ win this laser tag war!” Chaz bellowed a battle cry that sounded like dying geese as Alex sulked away.  “Hey, ” Chaz said turning back to Jack, “Luke said he wants you to stake out orange territory to try to pick off a few guys.”  Chaz peeked over the block and fired into darkness.  Jack’s heart skipped a beat, “b-but, Rebecca could be in there!” He stammered, his heart swooning at the sound of the name of his one true love or at least his middle school crush. ” I know bro, ” Chaz patted Jack’s arm, “But it’s Luke’s party, and we do what he says.”  At that, Chaz sprinted away, and Jack was left alone, staring at the orange fortress.

Jack pushed past a stone blockade and stumbled into an area flooded with orange light, but empty.  He let out a sigh of relief, but his ears pricked with a sound behind him. Before he could turn to fire at the enemy, she said, “Not so fast Jack, I think you should lower your gun.” Jack froze.  He knew that voice, at one point sounding like music, but it was amused and sinister now.

He slowly turned, and Rebecca’s eye-lined eyes met his.  Jack’s mind rushed to think of a conclusion: he could drop his gun and get shot; or he could shoot at a girl, which is very un-chivalrous, especially when she is his heart’s desire.  He was too busy going over his options, he didn’t realize Rebecca’s foot had left the ground and struck his hand until pain shot up his arm and his gun clattered to the floor.  “There, now we can talk properly. ” Rebecca darted across the room and grabbed Jack’s gun from the ground before turning to look at him. “Isn’t it interesting how Luke invited me to this party even though it’s a guy’s party?”  she asked, her tone dripping with sarcasm and her green eyes evil and bright. “I wondered why, until he told me it was in service to a friend.”  He eyes clicked to Jack when she spoke that last word. “All this time, I had thought that “this friend” was just being nice and kind to a girl, but he has an ulterior motive, I should have seen coming.”  Her tone was like ice as she spoke to Jack, who had frozen to his spot as she talked about his motives. “No, I-I just _” Jack tried to fit a few words in with his seemingly disabled tongue, but Rebecca cut him off.  “I don’t care, and I’m not interested.”  She had walked closer to Jack and they were now face to face.  “Goodbye Jack,” she whispered and kissed him on the cheek, but not in a loving way, in a malicious, evil-queen manner that gave the impression that she knew she was causing pain.  And she did.  A “spew” echoed around the room and  Jack’s lights sputtered out, a feeling that was mutual to his heart.

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